Your song, professionally produced, mixed, and mastered

$1,500.00 USD

Do you have a song you've written and always wanted to record? Let us help you bring your creation to life! Send us your demo and we'll produce it for you, carefully listening for what the song calls for — drums, percussion, bass, electric and acoustic guitars, keyboards, synth, strings. You determine your level of involvement, whether you want to sing, play an instrument, sing and play — or just sit back and let us do it all. We can add vocals, you can record with us, or we'll send you a backing band track for you to add your own vocals. When it's all tracked, we will mix and master it to a professional level. Questions? Have more than one song or even a whole album? Click the contact button below and let's talk! (Due to the nature of this product, fulfillment times will vary and will be determined upon order. To pay in installments, click the drop down button below. We reserve the right to refuse a song, in which case a full refund will be issued.)